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Megan Dykeman is the Managing Director of Strategics Canada, a boutique consulting firm which specializes in governance, strategic planning, project management, marketing & PR and government relations for large complex projects; Vice Chair of the Langley Board of Education; and founder of Freedom Fields Farm, a specialty poultry farm in Langley, B.C.

Ms. Dykeman graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2003, where she studied Farm Business Management, with a major in Agricultural Economics and a minor in Marketing. She completed a BPA, Governance, Law and Management with a concentration in Global Political Economy, graduating with honours in 2014. In 2016 she completed her Masters of International Relations with distinction.

Megan is active in her community, her volunteer activities include serving for the past 7 years on the Langley Agricultural and Economic Advisory Committee, the last 6 years as Community Chair. She is also the Chair of the Blueberry Cannon Task Force, a committee which makes recommendations to council on policy decisions relating to farm to farm disputes that arise in the municipality. In her Trustee role, she is Vice Chair of the Langley Board of Education, Chair of the Board Policy Committee. Megan sat on the Provincial committee for review of legislation related to municipal conflicts of interest, served on the BCSTA Governance Committee which developed the Trustee Governance guide, and is also a Provincial Councillor. Megan is the founding “A” leader of the Langley 4-H poultry club, the first poultry 4-H club in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley in over 25 years.

Originally from Ottawa Ontario, she moved to British Columbia in 1995 and now lives on her farm in Langley with her two children, dog, cat, pony, donkey, and of course, chickens, turkeys, quail and ducks.

Her areas of interest include, Governance, International Relations, Politics, Policy Development, Globalization and Agriculture and food security.